Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some Thoughts On Blogging

First, if you happen to be reading this blog, after you are done here, please visit these other blogs that I recommend, in alphabetical order:

Global Guerrillas: John Robb has a very clear and concise way to explain the trends that currently dominate our current war. If you are remotely interested on military subjects and finding out about the dark side of globalization, please click on the hyperlink.

Phatic Communion: My favorite blogs are the ones that promote out of the box thinking. I get enough of "we can't do that" in the military, so the blogosphere is a great oasis of open, intelligent thinking, sort of a more disciplined version of "anything goes". More disciplined because other bloggers, or readers can call you on the carpet in the comments section if you stray too far into bullshit territory. I hope that made sense. Anyway, click the hyperlink to Curtis' site and you'll see what I mean.

tdaxp: If you want a serious trip, go to this site. Dan discusses all kind of subjects ranging from warfare to Lebanese babes. It's all done with a healthy sense of humor, but under the humor, you will find the larger truth.

Zenpundit: This is where I find out what going on in terms of ideas. The way I see it, Zenpudit is a blog of ideas. Mark will bring to your attention some of the best ideas and writing on the blogosphere and the greater internet. One of the first sites, after the Early Bird, I read every morning to find out what's going on.

OK, now to some of my thoughts...

I started blogging to keep some of my thoughts organized. To keep track of some of the things I was reading or working on. To force me to write on a regular basis. Having other people read what I was writing was secondary. But, if you put things on the internet, somebody will eventually find it and notice what you write. Although this sometimes makes me a little uncomfortable, it kind of forces me to write better and it also puts my thoughts under the scrutiny of other people. Blogging has really exposed me to things that were unknown to me before. There is really a stimulating exchange of ideas in the blogosphere. We get to actively participate in dialogues instead of passively receiving information. Pretty much every blogger has a comments section where you can comment and react immediately to what they have posted. I wish TV had that. In fact, I don't really watch TV; I find it numbing.

One of the dilemmas of a military blogger is that you can't blog about everything you know or have seen out there in the field. I've been back from Southwest Asia since summer 05, and even though I still know what's going on "over there", I base my postings on open source reporting peppered with unclassified comments based on my experiences on the subject. You won't find secrets on FX-Based.

I wish I had more time to blog, but I have to work a lot of hours. Like many of the troops back from the field, I am know working towards bettering our force based on what I've seen out there. I can mainly affect things in my career field and that's, of course where I concentrate on. Not a job as big as the generals who are working towards transforming whole services, but nevertheless important.

One of the most difficult things about blogging is picking out subjects to blog about. I also want to make justice to the subject I am blogging about.

OK, now I have to work on another post.

Thanks for the link and comments, Sonny!

If I've ever strayed into "bullshit territory" (and I'm pretty sure I have...) I hope I've only stepped in it rather than created it! ;)
Hey sonny, -thanks for the kind words !
Very high praise. Thank you. Also gave me a new idea for a motto...

tdaxp: If you want a serious trip...

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