Sunday, April 16, 2006

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Somewhere in the world, the US military will be conducting a big exercise. And I will be there. I am sort of playing for the notional "bad guys" though, so it should be fun. I will try to post from out there, but the posibility is remote. I will probably be working long 14-16 hours-a-day, and Internet access will probably be limited. I will try though. I should be back in a couple of weeks. It should be fun out there. Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum, baby!!!

On unrelated news, I found out two things in the last couple of weeks:

1) I got promoted. I'll be pinning on sometime later this year. And I have to buy beer for my troops who actually got me promoted. They are all over 21, BTW. Designated drivers will be assigned too.

2) I am going to be deployed (again) for six months (I hope). I am pretty sure I'll be able to blog from "over there", but my postings will probably be shorter and sweeter. Last time I was out there I was working long, long hours and spent little time on the Internet. I am going to a different post, but I'll see when I get there. In the mean time, I'll be completing the pre-deployment training, meaning I get to (safely, of course) shoot guns again (neat!).

Cruising around the blogosphere I found this on 7th Fleet's sailor Eddie's Live From The FDNF in reference to FX-Based:
When the brass eventually come for all the active-duty mil-bloggers, let's hope he's the last one standing. Most interesting mil-blog, pound for pound, word for word.

Thanks for the kind words. I was pretty much speechless when I read that. Sometimes I wish I was more prolific, but the USAF has kept me very busy since, well, Operation Desert Fox (1998). Eddie is very passionate about Dar Fur. I actually have a Dar Fur post in me, based on some stuff I was working on. Though place for an operation. I have been thinking about going to Japan or Korea (again) for my next assignment. I've spent some time in Okinawa (which I did not feel was much part of Japan, maybe I'm wrong), but have never been to the other islands (other than in transit, which does not count). Call me crazy, but sometimes I want to go back to Korea, ("the land of the no-quite-right") badly. Maybe it's the women. Actually, the women are a pretty big part of the whole thing. Plus, I feel like I need a rest from the Middle East. (If you are from the Air Force Personnel Center, and are reading this, please don't count this as an official's just a vague desire...I'll fill out the paperwork with the official request soon, which might not even include anywhere in East Asia. Bottom line, I am not sure yet).

I found it funny that Eddie had this to say about TDAXP:

Home of "Globalization Is Water- The Magic Cloud" and other fascinating, stimulating viewpoints. Informed observers note a Corona is often required after reading.

I found it extra funny because "Globalization Is Water- The Magic Cloud" was the first TDAXP post I read, after Mark from Zenpundit posted it about it. The post starts like this:
This post is headlined "Globalization is Water," but of those three words "is" is the most important.

And it pretty much goes downhill from there, or uphill depending on your state of mind. I did need a Corona after I was done, though. "Globalization Is Water- The Magic Cloud" is a modern classic.

I've slacking on commenting on TDAXP. I am just waiting for another OODA, PISSR, or Asian women post to comment fruitfully.

One blog in which I've commented lately is Opposed System Design, maintained by Wiggins. Worth checking out. This is what Mark has to say about OSD and FX-Based:

Their very different Defense field backgrounds makes for a good tag-team approach on issues of doctrine or theory. Very complementary.

I could not say it better.

One more thing before I go. Ralph Peters is wrong. He hates the Air Force and is trying to create divisions between the services where there sould not be. We are on the same team. We fight and die together. On a personal note, late in 2004, I was flying in a CH-46 full of Marines in western Iraq, when our helo came under small arms fire. We survived, of course, but for a while, I though we were going to crash (and probably die or be captured) in the desert. We would've died as Americans. Americans. The enemy wants to see Americans dead, regardless of what branch of service.

Is the F-22 necessary? Yes. Our premier air superiority fighter, the awesome F-15, has been flying since the 1970's. It's time to move one. We don't want a fair fight against our adversaries. Is the Joint Strike Fighter necessary? Yes. And the Marines are, righfully so, buying a bunch of them too.

From the LA Times:

In Iraq, the Air Force has taken over supply convoys to ease the burden on the Army and Marine Corps, and specialized forces have been used in Army-like combat patrols, conducting raids and seizing suspected insurgents outside such facilities as Balad air base, north of Baghdad. Commanders estimate that about a third of all Air Force personnel have been deployed to the Middle East and Central Asia since Sept. 11, 2001.

Actually, we have been deployed to the ME since Operation Desert Shield in 1990. And we have been flying combat missions non-stop over Iraq since 1991. People forget Operations Southern and Northern Watch. The Air Force has been in a combat footing for 16 years. In my career field, I am guessing that two-thirds is a more accurate number. I know I've been over there for close to two years of my ten-year career. Over one year (all in one "shot") since 2003.

Not all wars of the future will look like Iraq or Afghanistan today. We don't know what the future holds. Besides, the Air Force was instrumental in achieving our goals for the first parts of both campaigns. And anybody that says the Air Force is not instrumental even today, simply does not know what is happening in both theaters of those theaters. It has become very fashionable to criticize and take our Air Force for granted. Do they want a return of the Army Air Corps? So what, we are "high-tech". If by "high-tech" you mean flying 40- and 30-year old technology aircraft (B-52, F-15, F-16, B-1, C-130, C-5, etc.), then we are high-tech.

I have to go now. Pil Sung!!!

- Congrats on the promotion.
- when the LAN on the ship finally came back up after several weeks of being down to ordinary access, i noticed a great e-mail you sent me that i had not responded to because it went directly to the ship's account, not my civvie addy. i apologize for this delay and meant no disrespect in not responding until this point.
- i hate the air force because they have better bases than we do. yokota and kadeena blow anything the navy has out of the water. plus you treat your people a lot better in terms of leadership development and example, and your E-7's tend to be worth a lot more than ours are.
- i am unhappy at times with peters, because he is capable of such brilliant and original writing and then so often resorts to playing up too well to his usual role as the controversial commenter that he has so richly earned in panels and symposiums across the country over the last few years. my apologies as a ralph peters fan to you and the other air force folks for the (many) times ralph seems to spread unnecessary invective in the USAF's direction.
-Good luck on the upcoming deployment, it sounds like something a hell of a lot more interesting than my upcoming transfer :-).
I look forward to the Dar Fur post and am definitely intrigued as to what your insight will be.

Also, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on it, its always an honor.

Thanks for the comments.
No worries for the "delay". I understand how unreliable comms can be on the bo-at.
Don't be hating on the Air Force, dog. You spend money on ships, we spend money on nice bases for our people.
Ralph Peters has written some fine books, my favorite being Fighting for the Future, but sometimes he is just too over the top. And inaccurate. No service is perfect and God knows the Air Force has done some stuff worthy of criticism, but Peter's attacks are just plain malicious.
So far the "deployment" is going OK. I am responding from an airport that has free wireless. Cool! I still have to catch another plane though. Take care,

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